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Avenger of Blood Genesis blog finally up!

Well, here it is, the start of the Avenger of Blood Genesis Graphic Novel Blog. I am excited to be placing our campaign up on in 2 and a half weeks! I am starting a kickstarter campaign for the purpose of  finishing the artwork of the graphic novel and printing 1000 perfect bound softcover, semigloss copies.

It has been a long journey through outlines and edits, meeting the brilliant artist Jorge Molina, and, hopefully,  coming back to the project in full force with no stops.

I was stoked to find out that Nick Cave of the Bad Seeds, one of my favorite singer songwriters, and his publishing company Mute Song Ltd. are going to let us use one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite songs in the Act I Title Page of the book! I thought the movie he penned, Lawless, was amazing and you should all go and watch it. Any film he has participated in as a composer (Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Road) or screenwriter (Ghost… Of the Civil Dead, The Proposition) is brilliant.

I was also glad to find the perfect charity to donate a percentage of the profits of the graphic novels to . This charity was created to prevent the cycle of abuse that can be passed down from adult to children by temporarily housing kids en route to a better home.

It holds a deep connection with me judging by the subject matter of this graphic novel. The true crime story (The Indiana torture slaying of Sylvia Marie Likens) this is based on struck a deep chord with me, it is truly what keeps me going on this project

Questions? Comments? Please leave em in a message or comment.


Jake McNeillie


About avengerofbloodgenesis

Graphic Novel writer and Singer Songwriter: Read next graphic novel to be placed on in less than 2 weeks! A portion of the profits will be giving to Nick Cave (as well as his publishing co. Mute Song Ltd.), singer songwriter of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and writer of such films as Lawless and The Proposition, composer of such films as The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford and The Road is allowing us to use a quote from one of my favorite songs of his on the Act 1 Title Page. AVENGER OF BLOOD: GENESIS A graphic novel based off of the heartbreaking story of the 1965 Indiana Torture Slaying of Sylvia Marie Likens... It is a deeply affecting tale, one that most true crime buffs consider to be one of the most haunting and heartbreaking tales they have read. Avenger of Blood: Genesis is a story about child abuse, murder, and ultimately, revenge! This graphic novel is an immense and brutal psychological endeavor, not to be read by those who are disturbed easily or the faint of heart. Fans of true crime, dark fiction, vigilante justice, ghost stories, and psychological horror will love it! IN THE HEART OF THE MIDWEST, DURING THE MID-1960’S… A young girl has been killed in the most humiliating, degrading, unconscionable manner in which any one person can be slain, all under the nose of a poor neighborhood and a large family. “AVENGE ME!” 2 YEARS LATER… Her twin brother waits in the cell room of a mental institution swearing he sees his sister’s ghost who speaks to him pleading “Avenge Me.” The sadistic family and friends who have tortured and killed his sister over a period of 3 months are now free from prison. No one is there to seek retribution on them, until now!

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